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7. Your responsibilities

In England by law your Cavalier must wear a collar when in a public place, bearing your name and address. Remember to check regularly that the tag is still in place and change the address if you take your dog on holiday with you.

Various Acts of Parliament place responsibility on YOU for any accidents or damage caused by your dog. Check your household insurance policy or think about taking out one of the many specialist dog insurances with one of the Pet Insurance Companies.

Don't play in to the hands of the anti dog lobby, train your Cavalier not to foul in public places and always carry a plastic bag or ' poop-scoop' to clear up any mistakes. Be a responsible owner and never allow your dog to be noisy or annoy others.

Consider taking your new Cavalier to a local Dog training class as well as carrying out the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme course.

And don't forget to join your Regional Cavalier Club where you will find a wealth of Cavalier experience and people only too willing to answer all your questions. They also organize Dog Shows, health seminars, judges training and social events for your Cavalier as well as yourself and family.

Owning and caring for a dog is a life time commitment requiring both a personal and financial investment. We strongly encourage you to take time to go through a learning process to be sure that this is indeed the breed for you and your family.

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