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1. A guide for Prospective "Cavalier" Owners

A Cavalier should always be wanted primarily as a companion, even one being purchased to show and perhaps later breed.

Always buy a puppy from a specialist breeder, where you can expect to see the mother and sometimes the father. NEVER obtain a puppy from a Pet Shop, Market or Puppy Dealer. Beware of agreeing to meet people and puppies in public places, always ask to see a puppy in it's home environment.

Talk to as many breeders as you can as well as other owners and get as much additional information about the needs of a Cavalier as possible.

Cavaliers enjoy company and dislike being left on their own. Due to their small size as a puppy some breeders are reluctant to sell a puppy to a family with young children. Children have to be taught to respect all dogs and not treat them like toys. In some cases an older dog may therefore be more suitable and a Rescue Cavalier could be considered.

Cavaliers are highly intelligent, are active little dogs that require regular exercise but not necessarily 5 mile hikes every day. They are happy in a securely enclosed fenced garden. They are easy to train but being puppies they do occasionally chew things and until they are house trained are guilty of sometimes making a puddle !

If you do purchase a puppy then most responsible breeders will supply you with the following 

  • A Pedigree showing at least three generations
  • Feeding Instructions
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Dates of Worming and any medical treatment currently being received

Finally if you do purchase a Cavalier consider joining a local Cavalier Club where you will meet many Cavalier owners and have access to help with all your future questions.

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